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Making Disciples

Training Leaders

Reaching Nations

Making Disciples

The Great Commission calls Christ-followers to make disciples.  The Apostolic Church exists to serve the Great Commission by empowering local churches to communicate the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to the communities they serve in innovative and creative ways. 


The intention is to win people to Christ and to see them follow a path to mature discipleship which produces Christlikeness in belief and conduct.

Training Leaders

The Apostolic Church seeks to train leaders and does so in ways that are both formal and informal.  Emerging leaders may undergo training through programs like Baton Leadership Program or the AXX-based training cohorts where, in response to a perceived call of God, local church-based, self-paced, small group academic training is available to supplement leadership practice and opportunity in the local church.


ACUK Training Co-ordinator Ivan Parker says, ‘The importance of training is evident to those who seek to have reach and influence in their sphere of ministry.  In an increasingly fast paced and changing society there has never been more need to develop our skills as emerging or established leaders. ACUK Equip leadership training is a proven pathway of development for leaders of all levels and ages.’


For further information, contact Leadership Academy at ivan.tygwyn@btinternet.com


Baton Training Program Co-ordinator Alistair Matheson writes, ‘Baton’s aim is to equip next generation apostolic leaders to serve growing churches and ministries, from small, specialised local activities to senior leadership roles. 

Structure operates a ‘tripod’ model of training:

(1) Guided Distance Learning – substantial individual study;

(2) Local Church Supervision – pastoral mentoring and application;

(3) Group Equipping Week-Ends – training by experienced ascension ministries. 

The Baton team believes that effective Christian leadership training and development only happen where all three ‘legs’ of the tripod are in place.’


For further information, contact Baton Leadership Program at batoncourse@gmail.com

Reaching Nations

Through its international missions arm, Action Overseas, the Apostolic Church seeks to reach unreached peoples in various part of the world with a view to establishing beach heads for church-planting in nations and among people where the church is yet to be established or is yet to grow to the point of strength and viability. 

Action Overseas Chairman, Mark Chenery says ‘We exist to serve the local church. Our mission, at its core is quite simple – taking the gospel to the whole world.’


Take a look at the Action Overseas website.

Where We Began

Formed in 1916 as a result of the 1904 Welsh revival, the Apostolic Church is a trinitarian, Pentecostal movement with a strong commitment to church planting and mission. The church is established in around 100 nations, most of which are autonomous.



The church in the United Kingdom is a network of local churches in each of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.  Each church functions with local leadership and has the responsibility to develop maturity in the body of believers as well as to communicate Christ to the community it serves.



For further information about the church, please feel free to contact us

What We Do

The Apostolic Church is  network of churches which exist to communicate Christ to the nation and, to provide the legal framework to be able to do so, is constituted as a charitable trust.

Action Overseas is the missionary arm of The Apostolic Church UK and exists with one very simple goal: to take the gospel to the whole world.

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

—  John 3:16  —

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