National Leadership

The Church is constituted as a charitable trust registered with the Charity Commission. It is governed by a deed of trust.

Leadership functions at nationally, relationally and locally.


The Church is led by a national leadership team which is appointed by a council made up of leaders and ministers from around the nation.

The Ascension Ministries Council (AMC); is the ultimate policy-making organ of the Church. This body, made up of ministerial staff from every region, meet in May each year to make decisions concerning the Movement. This includes important decisions with regards to the call of God in the lives of men as pastors; as well as those who are appointed to serve on various committees, including the National Leadership Team (NLT), Finance Board, Overseas Board and Convention Committee. It also handles matters of doctrine.

In between Council, NLT members who double up as trustees provide spiritual oversight and direction for the Movement. The trustees who are apostles within the church are elected by the other apostles to serve a six year term. Under the constitution, election to the NLT is open only to apostles.

Meet The Team

Tim Jack

National Leader

Paul Howells

Deputy National Leader

Phelim Doherty

NLT Member


Ivan Parker

NLT Member


Simon Taylor

NLT Member

Mark Chenery

Julie Mckibben

National Ladies Leader

Lloyd & Chlóe Thomas

National Youth Leaders
Youth Ablaze